netlabel established december 2022

hi,,,, thiz iz pastelgutz, an electronic netlabel established in very late 2022.

we releaze pretty much any electronic muzic. you can send in anything - vaporwaev, breakcore, hexxd, ambient,,,, p much anything, az long az itz not liek,,,, mezzed up. so liek,,, az long az ur not sampling irl shock videoz or anything u can submit it and itll mozt likely be releazed.

we mainly operate on bandcamp. evrything here is iz free, cataura type thing,,,,,

we do not accept releazez from homophobez, tranzphobez, anti-furriez, etc so if u hate on ppl for being themselves get off ov this page,,,, the owner ov this label iz a nonbinary+xenogender gay furry n therian. cringe culture iz dead bozo.

herez zome more stuff,,,,