pastelgutz owner!!

haiiii im the owner ov thiz label,,, my main name iz everett but i alzo go by modify, fuzzy, uni, valentine, paris, luther, upon many many more namez.... i uze they/he/it/ve pronounz az well az many neopronounz.

im a gay aspec autigender demiboy + many many xenogenderz,,, im on the autiztic zpectrum,, im alzo a wolf therian az well az a demon otherkin. im alzo a furry, but you prolly couldve guezzed that.

i conzider myself an emo/pastel goth,, which iz why i went with the whole "cute but dark" aezthetic ov the label.

im a minor,, i wont zay my exact age for privacy reazonz but i will say im under 18,, so plz do not be weird.

herez zome placez u can find me,,,,,